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Welcome !

The Submariners Association is there for all serving and ex-serving Submariners of all ranks and ratings to join.

It is there to help maintain the friendships of like-minded people.

We meet on the second Monday of every month at  20.00 Hrs at the address below :

                                                                                          The Royal British Legion

                                                                                          Leagrave & Limbury Branch,

                                                                                           114 Marsh Road,


                                                                                           LU3 2NL.






In depths of oceans, as oft they stray,

So far from night, So far from day,

We would ask your guiding light to glow,

To make the journey safe below.


Please oft time grant them patient mind,

Then 'ere the darkness won't them blind,

They seek thy protection from the deep,

Please grant us peace when 'ere they sleep.


Of homes and loved ones far away,

We ask your care for them each day,

Until we surface once again,

To drink the air and feel the rain.


We ask your guiding hand to show,

A safe progression sure and slow,

Dear Lord, please hear our prayer to thee,

From you humble sevants,

Beneath the sea.



O'Father hear our prayer to thee,

For your humble servants,

Beneath the sea.

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